Beyond the cloud

Going beyond the cloud: The EDI pioneer.

stratEDI specializes in supplier integration and distributor connectivity via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Founded in 1994, today the company has grown to 15 employees and has been active in the field of data-clearing in cloud structures since the very beginning.

Based in Gevelsberg (North Rhine-Westphalia), stratEDI serves approximately 5,000 companies whose number of partner messages per customer varies between 5-200. Our cctop (Clearing Center) handles amounts of data in the seven digits.

What we stand for

We work within our limits

stratEDI is a small and versatile unit. Becoming a large company is not what we want. We want to keep moving and keep our costs down. We train in order to share our knowledge. We strive to continuously beat our own standard.

We don't tolerate mistakes

We do not accept mistakes, delays or lies. We call the bluff when it comes to difficulties, while many others simply say that everything will be fine. What we cosider acceptable: Predictability, honesty, reliability and credibility. We are the pioneers of EDI and want to make the benefits of the system accessible to every company.


We serve over 5,000 companies, and the number is increasing daily: from Alnatura to Zurbrüggen furniture store, from major corporations such as Toys R Us to medium-sized companies like BRILL GLORIA home and garden equipment.

Click here for our customers and EDI links (companies with whom we share customer data).

Contact and Support

stratEDI GmbH
Lusebrink 9
58285 Gevelsberg

Telephone:  +49 2332 66600-0
Fax: +49 2332 66600-29

Tax Number: DE162269805
District Court Hagen, HRB 6197
Managing Directors: Thorsten Georg, Thomas Schmoll

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