Services for customers
Data Clearing
As a data interpreter, stratEDI highly efficiently automates business processes. Our expertise lies in developing customized solutions – regardless of standards, norms, existing software or processes. For example, a large retail chain sends an order to a supplier in Japan. The order goes through an interface to the stratEDI Clearing Center (= cloud) and is translated into the data format of the recipient where it is automatically scanned and processed. The process saves you from any technical problems with your own converter, and you profit from our personal service.Every time.
Supplier Integration
You want to integrate your suppliers into an existing system? stratEDI can take over the entire process. Your suppliers will get access to WebEDI, which makes the entire ordering process easy and efficient. If needed, we can also offer you the benefits of a qualified signature center.

With almost 20 years of experience, we are versed in all aspects of EDI. Here is a selection of popular topics:
  • Software selection
  • Vendor Management (VMI)
  • Data labelling (RFID)
  • Process optimization
  • E-invoicing
  • GLN/GTIN standard management
  • Supplier Integration
  • Master data management
Our knowledge is always up-to-date, which allows us to advise you in all areas of electronic data interchange for the handling of business processes, cloud computing, and system implementation.