cctop (Clearing-Center) for suppliers
How it works
Using the cctop as a data clearing center will replace the so-called classic EDI process. Which means you don't need to run any local EDI solutions. For example, a dealer sends specific data to their suppliers over the clearing center in EDIFACT format, e.g., purchase orders. The data is then converted in the in-house format of the supplier and forwarded on. The only requirement on behalf of the supplier is an email address where the data should be sent. An X.400-Mailbox (e.g., Telebox/BusinessMail) can be used as an alternative to email for data transmission. File-Transfer-Protocol (FTP) and Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) are also supported.

This principle even works the other way around: Suppliers send their delivery notes or invoices in the in-house format to the cctop server. The data is converted in the EDIFACT format and transmitted to the dealer. We support our clients with the highest flexibility: Any data format is supported, as long as it is structured and based on ASCII. Also, there are no restrictions on different types of messages: purchase order, order confirmation, delivery, invoicing, sales data, inventory reporting, financial messaging, shipping order, status, etc. - anything is possible.

Terms & Conditions
Every company has their terms and conditions of use - so do we. However, ours is not a novel and we were able to fit it all on seven pages, there is no fine print.
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Our prices are simple and transparent. We offer two price categories:

  1. Cost for the implementation of a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system (the first implementation is more difficult and, therefore, more expensive. Following implementations are cheaper.)
  2. Monthly hosting fee.

Here is an example of how to calculate a partner / message relationship:

A garden furniture manufacturer works with three different dealers. We will call these dealers "garden", "construction" and "furniture". The manufacturer handles ORDERS (orders) via EDI with all three, and DESADV (ASN) as well as INVOIC (bills) with two of them. This makes a total of seven partner / message relationships (see figure).

price model
The mandatory information on the scope of services covered by these prices can be downloaded as a PDF.